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Peter Freier München

Welcome to my world of travel photography! I’m Peter, a passionate explorer, avid photographer, and an adventurer at heart. With a goal to inspire others to embark on their own unforgettable journeys, I capture through my lens the beauty and significance of the places I visit.

Photography has always been my calling, and I honed my skills with both a DSLR and a drone camera. From capturing stunning landscapes to candid moments of local life, I strive to capture the essence of each destination in every shot. Whether it’s breathtaking mountain peaks, vast oceans, awe-inspiring cities, or remote corners of the world, my goal is to tell interesting stories through photography.


After setting foot on all 7 continents and exploring over 140 countries, I have had the opportunity to see awesome things, immerse myself in different cultures and create lasting memories. Some of my most memorable trips include diving the legendary Great Blue Hole in Belize, conquering the peak of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (5,895m above sea level) and hiking the challenging trails of Huayna Potosi in Bolivia (6,088m above sea level).


My love of travel extends beyond photography. When I’m not behind the camera, you can usually find me in my hiking boots, hitting the slopes for an adventurous ski trip, exploring the underwater depths while diving, using the wind for exciting kitesurfing sessions, conquering challenging mountain bike trails, or surfing the Eisbach wave downtown Munich - my current home location. Not only do these activities enhance my sense of adventure but they also allow me to connect with nature in a special way.

Beyond my passion for travel and photography, I am equally dedicated to two other fulfilling roles: product manager for digital products and freelance consultant in online marketing. Through these roles, I have the opportunity to seamlessly blend my creative vision with technical expertise, resulting in the creation of user-friendly products that significantly simplify people's lives. Additionally, I take great pleasure in helping businesses achieve their fullest potential in the ever-evolving digital landscape. These diverse opportunities allow me to contribute positively to both individuals and companies alike.


In addition, I am very proud father of an wonderful boy who now accompanies me on my adventures. We create favorite moments together and feed his curiosity about his own world.

Join me on this visual journey, sit back, relax and raise your imagination as we embark on a visual odyssey together. Get inspired!

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Peter Freier München Peter Freier from Munich